Fall Ball Program 2018
The Fall Soccer Program takes place at Maalwyck Park in Scotia on Sunday afternoons, starting September 16, 2018 and ending October 28, 2018. There will be no games played on Columbus Day weekend. The Fall Commitment Summary Sheet and Fee are due to the CDYSL office by CDYSL office by August 31, 2018. Please see the CDYSL website for Player Registration Information for the Fall Season.


Team Administration


Head Coach

Assistant Coach

Notified President

I certify that my club president has been notified of my intention to participate in the CDYSL Fall Program.

Accept Fee

I am aware that the team commitment fee is $80.00 for each team participating in the CDYSL Fall Program. I am also aware that I am responsible for the aforementioned amount if my club fails to submit payment by August 31, 2018.