Risk Management

Under the auspices of the KidSafe Program of US Youth Soccer, ENYYSA adopted procedures to address Child Protection issues in youth soccer.

All adults, as coaches and managers, who appear on a roster in CDYSL MUST complete the risk management form online. A link to the online registration for risk management can be found below. All adults named on rosters must complete these forms, or the registration will not be processed and coaches and manager’s passes not issued.

ENYYSA and CDYSL is committed to creating a safe environment free from abuse of any kind.  In addition to the background check and Concussion Awareness Training Certification, ENYYSA  and CDYSL now requires all members and volunteers to complete the Abuse Prevention Systems Sexual Abuse Awareness Training before participating in our programs. The Prevention Systems Sexual Abuse Awareness Training needs to take place NOW - do not wait until you need to renew your risk management background checks.