CDYSL Office Contacts

Main Office e-mail:

Contact us at:

19 Aviation Road, Suite 9
Albany, NY 12205

(518)435-2325 or (518)435-2326

FAX (518)435-2328


Office Hours: 10 am - 2 pm (Monday through Friday)

Summer Hours: 10 am - 12 pm (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
(July 1st - September 1st)


Office Staff:

League Operations Director: Italo Carcich
League Registrar: Tammy Kishbaugh
Office Assistant: Jennifer Vinci
Public Relations: Tammy Kishbaugh

Senior Games and Spring League Concerns: Italo Carcich/Tammy Kishbaugh
Fall League and Empire Cup Concerns: Italo Carcich/Tammy Kishbaugh
Referee Assignment and Concerns: Referee Assignor
Spring League Rescheduling: Tammy Kishbaugh
Spring League Scores and Standings: Italo Carcich/Tammy Kishbaugh
Futsal Program Concerns: Italo Carcich/Tammy Kishbaugh


CDYSL Advisory Board

League Officers – Executive Committee Members:
President: Tim Owens
1st Vice President: Dave Sparks
2nd Vice President: Roy Pfeil
Treasurer: Dave Yule
Secretary: OPEN
At-Large: Scott Swere
At-Large: Tim Frament
At-Large: Paul Bascomb
At-Large: Afrim Nezaj

CDYSL Standing Committees 
Appeals: Caryn Hamilton
Arbitration: Tim Frament
Finance:  Dave Sparks
Games:  Paul Bascomb
Membership:  Dave Sparks
Nomination:  Paul Bascomb
Registration:  Tammy Kishbaugh
Risk Management:  Tom Spina
Rules:  Scott Swere
Zero Tolerance: Prince Knight


League Advisors:
District Commissioner:OPEN
Legal Advisor: Bruce Rosenthal
Referee Liason: Italo Carcich
Risk Management: Tom Spina


Other Contacts:
Eastern NY Contacts
Region I Contacts