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League Play is scheduled to begin Sunday, April 22nd through Sunday, June 30th.
(Our goal is to schedule half of the team’s games at home.
The availability of your fields will impact our ability to do this.)

Dates that this venue is not available

If NOT available for the 1st two weeks of season, please explain why:

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Teams assigned to this field

Note: CDYSL requires clubs to provide one field for every two teams scheduled to play on the same size field and on the same day and time

Based upon the Team Placement Forms your club has submitted,
which team(s) will use this field?

(ie: if full sized fields are divided and shared with U8, 10 or
12 teams be sureto check ALL teams who to be scheduled on
this field to avoid scheduling conflicts)

FOR U8, U10 & U12 (8v8) TEAMS ONLY:
Recommended goal and field sizes for U8, U10 and U12 (8v8) play are outlined on the CDYSL website under Fields
Requests for exceptions for non-standard goal sizes should be noted below.
Recommended field dimensions for each age group MUST adhere to recommended ranges.
Final approval of non-standard size goals will be determined by the Games Committee.

This field may be used as a neutral field to reduce travel times