Coaching License Mandate

There are no longer F Licenses being offered.

The new Coach License requirements will be posted as soon as we receive more information.  

For the Coaches who do not currently hold a coaching license, your club registrar should place a note on the team registrations that are brought into the office asking the League Registrar to please put the coach name on a one season waiver list.  The coach will be allowed to coach in the 2017/2018 season but must obtain a coaching license prior to coaching a travel team in the 2018/2019 season. (see below for the new licensing format information ~ Introduction To Grassroots)



U.S. Soccer has revamped its coaching license pathway.  It has eliminated both the F and E license, and is now offereing a free 20-minute online "Introduction to Grassroots" module as the first step into its coaching schools.

All coaches must register with the U.S. Soccer Federation's Digital Coaching Center (DCC) and create a soccer profile.  The registration fee for the DCC is $25.  There are several resourses available, lots of lesson plans and practice exercises.  Once you have registered with the DCC and before you take any of the Grassroots courses, you need to take the free introductory, "Introduction to Grassroots Coaching" module.  The module will take about 20-25 minutes to go through. ~ U.S. SOCCER FEDERATION DIGITAL COACHING CENTER (DCC) LINK ~

After completing the online "Introduction to Grassroots Coaching" module, coaches will be eligible for any of the four online and four in-person "Grassroots Pathway" courses: 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11.  Those are the courses that are replacing the F and E licenses.  The online courses are scheduled to begin in April and the in-person are already available.

The eight courses will cost $25 each, plus, in the case of the in-person courses, the fee charged by the ENYYSA will be $50 plus any facility fee cost that host clubs are charged for holding a course.  With the completion of each course comes a U.S. Soccer Grassroots Coaching License. (I suggest just saying the in-person courses are $75 in ENYYSA).

A candidate can move on to the D license by completing a minimum of two in-person courses (one of which must be the 11v11 course) and one of the online courses.

If you currently hold an E license: you advance to the D license by completing the cost-free Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module.

If you currently hold an F license: you advance to the D license by completing the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module, the 11v11 in-person course, and one additional in-person grassroots course, the 4v4, 7v7 or 9v9.

If you do not already have a U.S. Soccer license: you advance to the D license coure by completing the Introduction to Grassroots Coaching module, the 11v11 in-person course, one other in-person course, and one online Grassroots course.  All clubs that host a course must have a lecture room available suitable to use PowerPoint presentations and a team of age appropriate players depending on the grassroots course that is being conducted.  The players must be available for 2 hours.

4v4 a team of 6-8 year olds
7v7 a team of 9-10 year olds
9v9 a team of 11-12 year olds
11v11 a team 13+ year olds

If interested in conducting a course, please fill out an application form and email it to the CDYSL office at


Please fill out the application here.



Questions regarding the Grassroots courses can be emailed to Roy Pfeil at


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