2016 CDYSL Coaches Workshop Videos


Deborah Raber: Goalkeeping Session  



Andrew Gamarra: Training the Center Midfielder 



Jeff Tipping: Brazilian Passing and Receiving Exercises 



Cesar Markovic: Developing Your Transition Game 


Jeff Tipping: Championship Defending 


Gary Stephenson: Using Technology in Soccer 


Jeff Tipping: Passing and Receiving 


Deborah Raber: Shooting, Finishing and a GK's Angle of Play 



Featured Videos from the 2015 CDYSL Coaches Workshop


John Ellinger:
The Director of Coaching and the development of a soccer program



John Ellinger:  
The Director of Coaching (DOC) from A-Z



John Ciano:
Mastering the ball line – the key to successful goal keeping



Ihor Chyzxowych:
Bayern Munich Youth – Passing and Moving - 9-14 year olds


Ihor Chyzowych:
Barcelona Youth – Ball possession – 15-18 year olds



Dutch Total Soccer:
Dutch Technical Training: Dutch Total Defense


Dutch Total Soccer: 
Build up from the back


Chris Taylor: 
Playing out of the back with the intention of starting attacks


Chris Taylor: 
Coaching Attacking Movement


Bill Sampaio: 
How to utilize futsal to expedite the soccer learning process


Bill Sampaio: 
Top 10 Futsal activities to develop speed of play in the modern game


Adam Clinton: 
How to train pressure, cover, balance


Adam Clinton: 
Passing and receiving – a series of different passing exercises


Featured Videos from the 2014 CDYSL Coaches Workshop


Tim Bradbury: Speed of Play


Bryce Colby: Techniques and Tactics – Turning the Ball


 Matt Jones: Improving Technical Ability


Cesar Markovic: Developing Mobility and Combination Play in Attack


DTS: Buildup in Technical Training


DTS: Technical Training and Attacking Plays