2015 Coaches Workshop Clinicians

All videos on this page are in a playlist. To watch a specific clinician, click on the button in the top left hand corner of the video next to "1/11" and select the clinician whose demonstration or presentation you would like to watch.


List of Demonstrations and Presentations on the playlist:

Adam Clinton: Passing and Recieving -- A Series of Different Passing Exercises

Adam Clinton: How to Train Pressure, Cover, Balance

Bill Sampaio: Top Futsal Activities to Develop Speed of Play in the Modern Game

Bill Sampaio: How to Utilize Futsal to Expedite the Soccer Learning Process

Chris Taylor: Coaching Attacking Movement

Chirs Taylor: Playing Out of the Back With the Intention of Starting Attacks

Lennaert Bitter/DTS: Build Up From the Back

Roald Jornick/DTS: Dutch Total Defense

John Ciano: Goal Keeping Training and Progressions

John Ellinger: The Director of Coaching From A to Z

John Ellinger: The Director of Coaching and The Development of a Soccer Program