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Request for Proposal to Host

2021/2022 Eastern New York State Cup Competitions


Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association is now accepting proposals to host the 2021 & 2022 ENY State Cup and ENY Challenge Cup Championships.  We are committed to ensuring the health & safety of all players and spectators and will operate in compliance with state & local guidelines.  In addition, US Soccer PLAY ON guidelines and best practices regarding tournaments and competitions will be followed.  


The Eastern New York/National Championship Series (NCS) State Cup and the ENY Challenge Cup are two separate State-wide tournaments that commence play in the spring of the year and conclude with the State Cup Competitions Finals in June. 


Teams competing in these tournaments represent ENYYSA’s nine-member leagues: Big Apple Youth Soccer League (BAYSL), Capital District Youth Soccer League (CDYSL), Central NY State Soccer League (CNYSSL), Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League (CJSL), East Hudson Youth Soccer League (EHYSL), Long Island Junior Soccer League (LIJSL), Metrokids Youth Soccer League (MYSL), Mid-State New York Soccer League (MSNYSL) and Staten Island Youth Soccer League (SIYSL).  Beginning in the fall of 2018, US Youth partnered with EDP thus making all teams who play in EDP eligible for the Eastern New York State Cup Championships.


The Eastern New York State (State) Cup Championships are part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series (NCS). This highly competitive tournament is comprised of mostly premier and other top tier level teams.  The "State Cup" is open to all teams that play under the ENYYSA & EDP.  The winners of the State Cup Championships represent Eastern New York at the Eastern Regional Championships for a chance to represent the State and Region at the US Youth Soccer National Championships.


The ENY Challenge Cup is a tournament that provides an opportunity for all U10 and U11 teams and those U12 through U16 teams that participate at the next tier level of competition to compete in a state level cup competition.


Finals:  To be held June 5-6, 2021 / June 4-5, 2022

Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association will pay a reasonable fee for use of facilities and will be responsible for the management of registration, referees, and awards. 

The following is an outline summarizing ENYYSA’s requirements to host:


  1. A minimum of 5 Full-Sided Fields4 Small-Sided Fields and 1 Developmental Field are required for each day of play within FIFA’s Laws of the game, as well as US Soccer Player Development Initiatives (Fall 2016) complete with appropriate size goals, corner flags and markings (See 2019 Finals Schedules).  Field space must accommodate the social distancing of teams and spectators. 
  2. Parking within close proximity to the fields.  There will be an exchange of vehicles from two hours prior to game times until the games finish for the day. Traffic directors shall be the responsibility of the hosting organization.
  3. Facility must include access to Restrooms or 8-10 Portable Toilets including an accessible restroom, Hand Washing Stations & Hand Sanitizing stations within close proximity of the fields.  Restrooms or Portable Toilets and Hand Washing stations must be cleaned before each date of play and maintained for cleanliness throughout the day.  The cost will be covered by ENY or should be included in bid.
  4. Concessions will need to be provided by the hosting organization in close proximity to the fields providing the usual fare and must include water and sports drinks.  Additionally, the concession must remain open until a half hour after the last scheduled game ends.
  5. Pavilion space, tables and chairs shall be provided by the hosting organization.
  6. Tournament Registration Area (2 10x20 tables)
  7. Area for Referee Tent (ENYYSA supplied)
  8. Area for sale of tournament memorabilia (ENYYSA will provide tent)
  9. Award Presentation Area (ENYYSA will provide two tents)
  10. Three golf carts are required for ENYYSA to transport tournament officials, referees, and the athletic trainer to the fields. The cost, if applicable, should be included in the bid.
  11. Field Marshals for each game, provided by the host organization.
  12. The ability to provide space (i.e. “Sponsor Area”) for any of our Association Sponsors that may want to set up a booth at the finals.
  13. Cleanup during and after the event shall be the responsibility of the hosting organization and the cost should be included in the bid.
  14. The hosting organization should provide list of area hotels and their contact information to distribute to the teams requesting to stay overnight.  Any assistance in procuring rates for the event would be appreciated.
  15. ENYYSA will provide a Certified Athletic Trainer for any sports injuries that may arise. It would be beneficial if the hosting organization would communicate with the local EMT/ambulance service and make arrangements for them to be potentially be on site for the event.


For field requirements and a sample schedule of matches, please refer to the two attached 2019 ENY Finals Schedule documents.

Please submit your proposal to host noting all costs for the 2020 Eastern New York State Cup Competitions Finals to Laura Francis lfrancis@enysoccer.com

To be considered, all bids must be submitted by September 30, 2020.


Thank you very much.

Eastern New York State Cup Committee